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Help & Advice


At Luxury French Homes we understand that purchasing a property in a foreign market can be daunting and intimidating, which is why we go the extra mile compared to our competitors to make sure that you receive the most thorough and personal advice possible. Whether this be from corresponding with the builders, creating an itinerary for your visit or to help setting up your utility bills, here at Luxury French Homes we go the extra mile even after the sale is completed.

For example, we know of a beautiful rustic property in the heart of Sarlat-La-Canéda town center, that is possible to rent with a company discount whilst you are in the area and viewing properties. As a destination that is visited all year around, we can guarantee competitive and cheap accommodation with a great location. We will be on hand not only to show you the properties but also around the area whether that be visiting vineyards or even the local restaurant that tourists are not aware of. We will ensure that your visit is not only efficient, beneficial but also relaxing and unforgettable.


Additionally, Luxury French Homes will give thorough advice on areas that will be foreign to buyers, such as what taxes are payable on properties. As our staff in France and the United Kingdom have extensive experience in personally purchasing property in France we know the system very well and can use this knowledge to help you navigate the distinctive property system with ease. Rather than be thrown into the deep end with a lot of information being thrown at you at once, Luxury French Homes will not only be there for you in the beginning but also till you are settled and content.


Furthermore, we have connections with an esteemed independent builder so if you are purchasing your property through a mortgage, we can connect you with our long term partner who can provide an independent builders report for a discounted charge. We can contact the builders in French if you are unable to and arrange everything from the inspection itself to the translation of the report so you are able to understand it fully. Also we can also provide other connections such as where to exchange currency at the best rate possible, which internet provider is the fastest in your area and many many more.

It is these extra steps which set Luxury French Homes apart from the rest. We care not only about helping you find your perfect home, but in creating your dream life in France. Purchasing a home can be extremely stressful but we make it our priority to allow a smooth transition that will leave you feeling relaxed and excited to begin your new life. Our staff have personally experienced how it feels to be in a foreign country and not necessarily understand the system let alone the language, so we have been in your shoes and understand your concerns and reservations.

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